NFT in a Box

You send your art, we turn it into an NFT!

For over 10 years, we've helped families celebrate their kids' art. 

Now we get to help you safely explore the world of NFTs - and we'll educate you along the way.


all included

Why Artkive?

Artkive is a trusted resource who has been helping families for over ten years. We are committed to making this process accessible, with understandable information and guidance at every step.

Get educated alongside your kids about NFTs!











digital works of art in our library

families trust us with their memories

children contributors

new masterpieces digitized every day


What's Included

Educational materials to guide you through the world of NFTs

A sturdy 18x12 box for you to send us 1-10 pieces of art, shipping label to send it back.

We professionally light, photograph and edit each piece of art. 

We upload each piece to your collection in the Artkive gallery on OpenSea.*


All Included - NFT in a Box

*Transfer fees apply if you want the NFTs in your own Metamask wallet.

How It Works


Order Your NFT in a Box Today

It includes a shipping label to send the art back to us, educational material to walk you through the process, and minting 1-10 pieces of your family's art. 


Send Back Your Art

We'll capture your art in its best form via our professional photography and editing, expert designers, and cutting edge equipment. Want more than 10 pieces minted? Send what you want and we'll invoice you for the extra pieces.


Enjoy Being Part of the NFT Movement

Your art will be available in your personal collection in Artkive's OpenSea account. Enjoy being part of the NFT movement and learning with us along the way.

Why NFT in a Box?

NFTs live at the intersection of art and technology. There is no better way to explore the future of the internet, computers, and how you're connected to technology than by transforming a doodle, sketch, or masterpiece into a tokenized piece of art. Artkive has been the trusted leader for celebrating kid art for the past ten years, and we're excited to help you explore this exciting new mechanism for preserving art.



What is an NFT?

NFT stands for **non-fungible token** (we know that sounds like a mouthful, but stay with us.)

Fungible = interchangeable, like any $1 bill is the same as any other $1 bill.

So, non-fungible means something that is totally unique.

In kid art talk: you can have 100 identical kits for making a handprint turkey. It doesn’t matter which one you get—they’re fungible. But the piece your handprint makes is totally unique—no other handprint turkey is the same.

Your handprint turkey is non-fungible.

We are at the very beginning with NFTs and many people believe this technology will change the world as much as the internet did in the 90s. While most NFTs are digital art pieces, songs, videos, and even .gifs, they can also be deeds to property and other important documentation.


What is a Cryptowallet?

Cryptowallets are applications just like those you might run on a smartphone or computer. They can store any type of digital content like NFTs and cryptocurrency. If you want to exchange or receive digital content like an NFT, you direct the sender to a unique digital address issued by the wallet. They have some pretty unique traits that allow them to communicate with a blockchain - proving ownership in case anyone else says they have the rights to the NFTs you have stored.


Will I own the NFTs you're minting for me?

Your NFTs will be uploaded to, a well established platform for displaying, buying and selling NFTs. Your pieces can live in your personal gallery within Artkive's collection or an alternative personal collection should you have one. Should you wish to send your NFT to a different collection, you'll just need to set up a Metamask cryptowallet. Don't worry, instructions for how to do that are in the box too! Just note, there may be a fee to cover the transfer of NFTs. We will not sell any pieces of art from our collection; they can safely live there.


Is a photo or screenshot the same as an NFT?

You can take a photo of the Mona Lisa on your phone - but do you own the Mona Lisa? The real Mona Lisa has an authentication report buried deep in a vault at the Louvre. Let's call it the 'Identifier.' In contrast, the photo on your phone is missing an identifier. An NFT is a media file with an authentication report. In the not too distant future, only images, music, text, etc. with an authentication report will be online or able to be shared.


How long will it take for you to turn my art into NFTs?

Once we receive your art, it will likely take 4-6 weeks for us to professionally light, photograph, and edit your art pieces, as well as turn them into NFTs on  OpenSea. That timing may vary based on our busy season.


What kind of art looks best as an NFT?

Bright colors look great, but honestly our photography and editing team make any art piece shine. 3D art is hit or miss - you may want to skip that. We recommend not including a lot of writing or personal information like names since it will be posted on an NFT marketplace.


All Included - NFT in a Box


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